Sunny is well known throughout the UK from his appearance on the Internet chat boards (UK chatboards include: RS Owners Club BB; '' BB; '' BB; etc) through to features in magazines and personal appearance at shootout events and club meets.  The car itself can not be mistaken due to features such as the unusual colour; the moulded and blended body kit and bonnet vents; and the identifying registration plate: A RUDE

After spending thousands upon thousands of pounds with other tuners trying to get the car to his unique requirements, Sunny turned to MAD for advice and to see if he was fighting a lost cause and wanting to much that he simply was not getting.  After a short discussion about what could and couldn't be done, Sunny was straight on the phone to Ian Howell (Fiesta Frenzy) amongst others, and within a matter of minutes, had sold the Pectel ECU, the custom manifold etc in favour of the MADevelopments recommended Autronic ECU route and new engine components.  With more to spend again and ditching a tried and trusted route for a bespoke design promising more power than ever before, was it a good decision to make in the spur of the moment??? why not ask Sunny!! ;-)