M.A.Developments reach finals of TOTB1 shootout!

At TOTB1, both Rod Tarry (504bhp Sapphire) and Kevin Atkins (350bhp+ EVO VI) were competing from the M.A.D camp!  Accompanied by Mark Shead (for tuning and det checking puposes), Andy Booth and Neil Tarry (for tools and support purposes), the M.A.D cars made quite an impact on the competition.  Apart from a slipping clutch (which failed on the way home), Kevin's EVO delivered which we were happy with, and even though coming 7th overall out of the 4x4 class (including other EVOs, Skylines, Subaru's and Cosworths), the small amount of milliseconds between the MAD EVO times and the other EVOs was compensated by the 5% overall cost of the MAD conversion (2,000) compared to the max. 40,000 conversion of the quickest EVO of the day.

Rod Tarry's sapphire claimed the highest ranking Cosworth of the day being the only Cosworth in the finals.  A failed water injection pump saw ACT's of 70degree's+, and an exhaust failure led to a trip round York in Andy Booth's support Cosworth during the competition!  Several Motor Factors and Halfords later, the exhaust was in a running state with a Dodge Viper style note to it and went on to the finals ahead of the 500bhp+ sapphire, 500bhp+ Focus Cosworth, and 500bhp+ 3dr/RS500 also in the competition.  Finally drawn against Leon Green's 700bhp Supra, defeat was inevitable should the Supra perform (of which it had been very successfully all day!), however, off the line was a different matter as Mark Shead produced a launch equally as impressive as the Full Throttle video launch (see 'features'), and with 492lb's of torque (more torque than the McLaren F1!) the Sapphire was away with the Supra trailing!  As sod's law would have it though, should anything fail, it will fail when you need it not too most!, and when changing from 2nd to 3rd gear, the clutch cable had disconnected leaving a coasting sapphire in the lead to drop into second place.