Jeremy Clarkson "AT FULL THROTTLE": Jeremy Clarkson released this video in November 2000.  The video is full from start to finish of high powered performance cars and Jeremy's sarcastic humor, and mid way through the video, he opted for a drag strip shoot out with one of his favourite cars... the Escort Cosworth.  Myself and some other well respected tuners were invited down for the shoot, and in total 10 Escorts lined up at the bottom of the drag strip all wanting to be the first to the top!!!  Several 'MADettes' also took part:

Tony Brooks [featured on this site in 'Cosworth 5'] a.k.a. 'MAD Tony' on the R.S.O.C. Bulletin Board.  Appears far right when looking head on at the cars.

 Dave Moss [front cover feature in a recent Performance Ford] a.k.a. 'YUM 360'.  Appears 3rd car in when looking head on, after being used by J.C. when showing Dave's chrome engine before the run.

Mark Shead (me!) [featured in 'Banzai' and several of the 'Performance Ford' mag's on this site] a.k.a. 'madevelopments'.  I appear on the far left when looking head on.  I also appear on the front cover at the top.

  If you want to know who was first... maybe you should buy the video!!! ;o)

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