Stage 3* - 310bhp - Ahmed Bayjoo chip, uprated acutator, MAP sensor, 803 green injectors, 21psi, uprated fuel pump, stainless exhaust system.

Stage 4* - 325-330bhp - as Stage 3 - 25psi, recommended grp-A head gasket replacement and engine breather system.

Stage 5* - 400bhp+ - Full engine rebuild, details on request.

Stage 6*+ - 500bhp+ - Full engine rebuild, details on request.

*Large turbo and ECU conversion needed.

ALL conversions are designed to be reliable and to be used for everyday motoring with good fuel consumption.

97octane MINIMUM fuel required for ALL conversions.  Shell Optimax (98.6octane) recommended where available.

All the above are realistic figures, not pub talk!

Suspension and brake upgrades available on request.