Exhaust Gas Analyzers.


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The Autronic analyzers will display either air fuel ratio or lambda. Select between the following fuels for air fuel ratio display, Gasoline, Diesel, LPG, Alcohol.

Analyzers control the heating of the sensor and display a corrected output to the screen, based on sensor temperature.

These analyzer are supplied as standard equipment with Dyno manufactures.

Both models provide a corrected 02 output that can be used by a ECU or data logger. To use this feature requires a Pwr/Log cable to be ordered with the analyzer or modify the existing Pwr cable as per the example in the manual on the Techdata page

There are two models of the exhaust gas analyzer.

A Model: Uses a Bosch four wire wide band sensor and has a air fuel ratio range of 10:1 to 36:1. This analyzer is ideal for 90% of all tuning requirements.

B Model: Will use a wide band Bosch sensor or a UEGO high precision sensor. The high precision sensor will update every 0.10 of a second, it is more accurate than the Bosch sensor at very rich or lean air fuel ratios. It also has a air fuel ratio range from 9.0:1 to 75.0:1.

See Techdata page for Analyzer Manual in Adobe PDF format.


Digital Readout
Update Rate
Effective Filtering, Time Constant
4 Digit 0.56" Hi-intensity red LED
0.68 to 2.1 Lambda or 10 to 40 A/F (petrol)
1.25 to 5 samples/sec (user selectable)
0.1 to 6.4 sec (user selectable)
. <
Bar Graph Readout
Response Time
Display Modes

Max, Min Hold Time
20 Segment multicolor LED
10 to 40 A/F or 0.62 to 2.1 Lambda
40mSEC approx.
Instantaneous value and/or max value, min and max, min & actual, min to max.
0.1 to 1.6 sec.
. <
Analog Output

Output Range

Effective Filtering Time Constant
Signal Ground Voltage Range
Twin voltage O/P that is tolerant of system grounding errors.
0 to 1 & 0 to 5 volts (both available simultaneously) user can define A/F values for min & max O/P limits.
Better than 0.1% FSD
0.04 to 6.4 SEC (user selectable)
+/- 3.0 volts
. <
Supply Voltage
Normal Operation

Safe Limits


10.3 to 23 volts
+/- 24 volts (5 min)
+/- 80 volts (alternator load dump 0.5 sec)
+/- 1000 volts (inductive spike 10 usec)
. <
Current Drain 1 amp + sensor heater current (approx.)
. <
Operating Temperature Range.

-25 deg C (non condensing)
+70 deg C
. <
Weight < 0.5 kg

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